Death by Twitter


OK, is it me or are you feeling twittered, face-booked, emailed, IMed, and linked-in to death? Trust me, I’m the Queen of Connectedness (my TOP strength, for those familiar with the “strength” profiles). But for Pete’s sake, is this really connectedness, or is it just a recipe for insanity? If I really keep up with all of these social networking sites and tools, it’s a sure bet I will soon be walking around with a Crackberry in my hand, reduced to a driveling idiot who is connected to the whole world but has no real friends to show for it.

Whatever happened to just meeting a friend for coffee (sans the Crackberry, thank you very much)? Oh, and by the way, ever try to have a conversation with someone who has a Crackberry glued to their hand (and mind)? Don’t get me started. Or how about sitting in a meeting with buzzing Crackberries going off the whole time? (Ok, we get it. You are important!)

I think it’s time for a lunch break. Outside. Without the phone.


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