Can We Comfort God?

Father and Baby
photo by Katie Tegtmeyer

I’ve been thinking a lot this Christmas about Mary and Joseph, and I have marveled at an idea I never really considered before. Mary and Joseph’s job was to care for the baby, of course, but this is no ordinary baby, right?  This is God’s son.  Isn’t it strange, then, to imagine that God would need to be held? To be comforted? To be sung to when a strange noise startled?  The whole incarnation is incredible enough, but when you think of the cooing, cuddling, and constant care that a baby needs in order to feel safe and loved and, indeed, to survive, the idea that God would entrust himself into human hands for that purpose is nothing short of astonishing.

Honestly, though, this is one of the wonders of God to me. God is without ego. God doesn’t mind stepping “beneath” himself—maybe because there is no such thing as a space or level that God doesn’t occupy. And maybe God understands, obviously far better than we do, that our identity and essence has zero relation to the power or position we hold. So God himself shows us what perfect love looks like. Love empties itself of all rights regarding “who I am” and “what I deserve.” It operates from a place of confidence, strength and perfect security in identity. God threw away his rights in order to love and, amazingly, to receive love in return. When we can let go like that, love like that, make ourselves vulnerable to receive from others like that…well, maybe we become one step closer to being like God.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


© 2010 L. Kay Johnson, L is for LaNita. All rights reserved.


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