Firing Up Your Imagination


firewoodWhat do you do to fuel your imagination? Author Eugene Petersen says that imagination is a playground for faith, so it is vital to our well being. But it is also our most under-developed faculty. In a multi-media world, Petersen says “we let others do the imagining for us.”

Last night, as I watched the Superbowl with friends, I noticed that every upcoming movie ad was big on testosterone, special effects, explosions, and boobs.  There was zero evidence of a good story in any of them. I couldn’t help but think of what Petersen said: We let others do the imagining for us.  Even worse is the fact that too many of the “others” in and around Hollywood are simply not very imaginative.

Are we fueling our creative “mind muscles” with Twinkies and Krispy Kreme donuts? There’s not an creative vitamin or mineral to be found in so much of what we see.  When I think of how much more wonder and imagination is instilled in me when I read a book, I start to ask, “What else could I do to stimulate my imagination?”

Any suggestions?  What do YOU do?


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    • Yes, I agree. There are so many stories in a painting or in a great photo, and often as not, I find myself wondering about the artist! What inspired him or her? Where did the vision come from? What life experiences shaped this particular view of the world? I love this Google site! I will happily pass it along to others.

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