Go ahead. Make a fuss!


photo by Pam Roberts

Guys, need a Valentine tip?  If your girl says, “Don’t make a fuss!”—trust me—MAKE A FUSS!  It’s simple, really.  When you make a fuss to do something just to make her smile, you are telling her, “You are so worth this. You are worth my time. You are worth my effort.”

My friend Lela wrote on Facebook the other day “There’s nothing sexier than a man cleaning the kitchen!”  She got 21 comments off that post.

Why? Pay attention, guys. It’s about noticing. (Hmmm.  Maybe she’s tired.) And it’s about taking the trouble. (You relax! I’m cleaning the kitchen.)  The point here is not about cleaning the kitchen for Valentine’s Day, though that might be a nice start.  Just pay attention. What would make her smile? Whatever it is, go to the trouble. You don’t have to spend a mint, but you do have to spend a little time and effort.  Take her for a sunset walk. Plan a surprise picnic. Take her for a bike ride. Get creative, for Pete’s sake!

In the end, maybe that’s a good definition of thoughtfulness for all of us: Stop thinking about yourself long enough to consider what might encourage another. And then go to the trouble. Admit it, it’s nice when someone troubles themselves to show you they love you.



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  1. I love, love, love this post. You are absolutely right. A man cleaning the kitchen is sexy!

    Justin cooked for me on Sunday but then proposed a kitchen renovation while we were eating:

    “If I’m going to be in this kitchen cooking, then I need it to look better. I say we replace the countertop, refurnish the cupboards…” The list went on so long that I seized up and had trouble swallowing the food he made.

    No one warned me about a cooking man’s project tendencies kicking in. 🙂

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