The Facebook Looking Glass


This last week, I was struck by a weird God-like feeling as I perused Facebook posts, catching those minute glimpses of all that is happening in so many lives.

Here’s just a quick snapshot:

  • On Monday, the death of a good family friend was announced.
  • On the same day, a young girl I know had her first baby. (It’s a boy!)
  • On the same day, another friend welcomed her 2nd grandchild into the world (also a boy!)
  • Another friend lost a cousin in a bizarre murder.
  • Another friend met her soon-to-be adopted child in Africa.
  • Another posted pictures of her first weekend at home with her just-adopted child.
  • A couple of friends grieved the loss of their mothers in the recent past.
  • One mom grieved the absence of a son who is in Iraq, while she also celebrated her daughter’s recent new job.

You get the idea. Remember in Bruce Almighty where Bruce can actually “hear” all the prayers of people all over the world–and it almost drives him mad? I had a Bruce Almighty moment reading these Facebook posts.  Even news headlines can be dizzying.  In 3-day time period, we saw a notorious terrorist killed, a swarm of tornadoes rip through the South, and a stunning royal wedding full of beauty and promise. Facebook may be one of the best tools for helping us understand how truly finite we are and how desperately we need the guidance of an infinite mind. The tragic and joyous cycles of life are squeezed into television and social media outlets and then broadcast back to us in such as way that we are confronted with our absolute inability to take it all in, much less make sense of it or even do anything to help most of the time.  To do that, you’d really have to be God. And I am decidedly…not.

How does God DO this?


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  1. Fantastic post. Living in this digital age is truly overwhelming at times. We definitely need tools for handling the overwhelming onslaught of information that comes our way, both the public and private kinds.

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