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5 Things You Should Know about Creative Minds

creative minds

photo by Alex Erde

Do you struggle to understand the artistic souls in your life (maybe even your own)?  I’ve been surrounded by creative types from birth. My Dad? Artist. Grandmother? Artist. Husband? A musician. Oldest son? Musician and chef. Younger son? Artist. Believe me, I’ve had ample opportunity to think about how we creative types work. I’ve also got just enough left-brain functionality to understand that the creative personality completely confounds the rest of the population.

We don’t mean to.  Honest.

But our very being is a source of consternation to those who believe that 2 + 2 should ALWAYS…and I mean ALWAYS…lead to the neat and tidy and oh-so-predictable sum of 4.

And it should do so in a timely fashion.

In sympathy with my orderly, logical, left-brain friends, I thought it might help to compile a few tips to help you navigate the universe of your right-brained loved ones.  So here’s just five ideas.

1) We creative souls really do work better under pressure. Seriously, creativity thrives within boundaries–even the temporal kind! We’re not procrastinating. We’re waiting for the creative pressure to kick in. Give us too much time, and we’re staring out the window.

2) Speaking of staring out the window, we need to do this. Regularly. You’ll just have to trust us about this.

3) We respect you left-brain types with such disciplined routines. We marvel. We know we should be more like you. But I’m not gonna lie. In our world, routine is boring and overrated.

4) Feedback is fine. Collaboration is fine. Re-doing the work that you hired us to do. Confusing. You don’t, for instance, march into the kitchen of your favorite restaurant and say, “You know, this looks like fun. I’ve always fancied being a chef. Move over. I’d like to re-do that Chicken Marsala.”

5) We aren’t trying to make you crazy by changing the way we do things. We just don’t like doing things the same way twice.  (See #3)

The Sound of Childhood


My friend Harriett sent me a link to this video this morning. It is brilliant. It’s a normal day in the central train station of Antwerp, Belgium. Suddenly, over the station’s loudspeakers comes the sweet voice of Julie Andrews singing, “Doe, a deer, a female deer…Ray, a drop of golden sun…”

Watch this and prepare for big smiles. (Actually, I cried a little too!)


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The Noble Art of Cussin’


running childTrue story. When my Southern girlfriend Kim was 4, she was playing with her brother and a neighborhood girl, named Jewel, who was about 10. Kim was enamored with Jewel as the older, wiser woman of the world, so to show off, Kim decided to try out some cuss words. She tried each one on like shiny shoes, seeing how each fit and, more important, what kind of reaction she could get. Jewel obliged with deliciously satisfying shock and dismay.

Kim was thrilled. Then, things took an ugly turn.

“I’m gonna tell yer Mama that yer cussin‘.’” Jewel declared. Kim laughed wickedly, unafraid, but when Jewel took off running, fear overtook!

Kim recalls the chase vividly and says it was like one of those slow-motion nightmares where you feel like you’re running through mud. Jewel, being older, had longer legs and could easily outpace Kim. Jewel’s long, brown curls flew in the wind, taunting little Kim, who ran with all her might to overtake Jewel and take her down! Alas, Jewell arrived at the kitchen door before Kim. To Kim’s horror, she saw the door open, saw her mother standing there, hands on hips, and heard Jewel blast the dreadful accusation, “Miz Montgomry, Kim was cussin’!”

Kim gasped, horrified. She ran forward and shoved Jewel out of the way. “Nuh uh, Mama, I was not! That’s a damn lie!”

Special thanks to Kim Cullen for providing all the damn details.

Top 10 Ways to Get Sidetracked during a Conference Call


10. Check email.
9. Assume a comfy position.
8. Pay bills.
7. Plan your vacation.
6. Shop online.
5. Try to figure out how to mute and unmute. (Pray that you actually ARE on mute.)
4. Watch a movie about some woman being stalked or abused on Lifetime Television, starring Meredith Baxter Berney.
3. Go to the bathroom and hope no one asks you a question.
2. Flirt or make out (preferably with your spouse)

And the #1 way to get sidetracked during a conference call…

1. Create top ten lists.


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