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What Would I Sing of Nicaragua?


Our trip to Nicaragua is finished, and now I’m left to wonder how to describe it all.  We were based at a home for girls that have been rescued from an area where thousands of families lived off the city dump. Called “La Chureca,” that dump has now been cleared, but the problems weren’t eliminated–they were just moved. We visited an area called Cristo Rey, where as many as 4,000 families live off the dumpsite there. Of course, all the children are at risk for disease, lack of health care, and malnutrition, but the girls are especially at risk for trafficking.  That’s why Villa Esperanza was created. It is a group home designed to rescue girls from these extremely high-risk areas, and it served as our home base.

We also spent a great deal of time in Motastepe, a small barrio near Villa Esperanza. I can hardly describe how loving and generous these people were with us.  They stole our hearts with their kindness, beauty, and warm welcome towards us, and we will surely never be the same.

If I were going to write a song about Nicaragua and its people, I may have to enlist my songwriter hubby’s help, but a few ideas come to mind that should somehow be included.


2013-08-02 01.05.48

Beautiful Tereza



2013-08-02 05.04.19-2


2013-08-02 01.12.06

Courageous Eliezar and Garnet

2013-08-02 06.41.48

Heart-stealing Ixsell2013-08-02 06.20.05-1

Family loving



2013-08-02 01.10.03

2013-08-02 01.10.09




2013-08-02 01.45.03


2013-08-02 09.55.12

2013-08-02 09.54.32

It will take me a very long time to process all that we saw and experienced.  I’ll post here as I can, but if you would like to learn more in the meantime about the work that is being done in Nicaragua at a special place called “Villa Esperanza,” I encourage you to click here to learn more.